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Futuristic Robot Artillery

4.2 ( 4272 ratings )
Oyunlar Aksiyon
Geliştirici: Максим Гулевич

"In this simulator you take part in a futuristic war. Soak up the atmosphere of explosions, fighting, flying bullets and work of artillery. You have to become a robot and protect the city from the invasion of enemies. Be well-aimed and fast, and then the people will be saved!
In the simulator you will find an excellent 3D graphics that allow you to enjoy the amazing natural beauty and spectacular effects futuristic battle. Rate design your own robot and design features of the enemy vehicles. Excellent control and physics will allow you to shoot opponents in any style and literally crush them into small pieces. Feel like a real futuristic artillery master and become a storm the battlefield! Energetic music of simulator will not let you get bored and will keep on your toes throughout the war with the robots.
To save the city from destruction, you have to endure several waves of enemy attack. Merge onto the point of action, adjust artillery and kill targets. Do not let them get to the gate and enter the streets, or residents can not be saved. Be prepared for the fact that the enemies of the simulator will soon begin to attack in several places at once and you have to move directly in combat. Save the shells as artillery service is very expensive, especially in the form of a futuristic robot. Do not forget to do repairs in a timely manner and to refuel, since a small mistake in this matter could lead to the defeat in the war.
The simulator is completely free, so everyone can now stand on the protection of the city and to test yourself in the control of artillery. Sit in a chair futuristic robot and show the power of technology to your enemies. Good luck!"